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Broken Glass Break and enter threats are the most common security issue for cars, residences and business establishments. >> See more

IS Auto DashIntensity Security has introduced the worlds most comprehensive and affordable automobile security camera system. >> See more

INTENSITY SECURITY is the world's leading security dealership provider of perimeter security services and products. Our mission is to help people and organizations be protected in their daily work and life activities. Intensity prides itself on providing affordable security solutions to common and lesser known security threats. Intensity provides proactive and passive security solutions to individuals and organizations globally. Intensity Security is established in many countries and our people are experts in the security business.       

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The INTENSITY SECURITY Coatings Division (ISCD)is the distribution arm for our high performance window film products and services. We produce the highest grade of affordable performance window films that are specifically designed to resist bullets, bombs, hurricanes and break and entry crimes. We also have a solar protection line of films. 

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Auto Ballistic FilmINTENSITY SECURITY ballistic coatings have been designed and are manufactured in a proprietary manner which allows these films, when installed correctly, to resist bullets from penetrating glass.
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The INTENSITY SECURITY Automotive Division (ISAD)Broken Car Windowis an automobile product protection division. These products include affordable specialty ballistic window films, ballistic door panels and protective technology products. Our products have been designed to mitigate automotive theft, “car jackings”, dangerous driving habits, dangerous driving routes and most automotive threats common in most countries today.

The INTENSITY SECURITY Products Division (ISPD) Security Camera and Alarmprovides the world's most modern hard and soft security products. Our products division has affordable products and services for consumers, business, Police, Military and Government sectors.

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